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The sound of blue-eyed soul. Beautiful, captivating, complex, and always with an edge. That’s the sound of the Jackie Myers Band. Some call the style “groove” or “funk.” Others don’t try to name it and just like to listen to the flavors of blues, jazz, funk, and soul. It’s a sound that Patrick Dennis of Austin’s Mix 94.7 called “fabulous.” The Austin-based Jackie Myers Band can sometimes be found packing the best venues in Austin. At other times these travelling troubadours can be found in San Antonio, Dallas, or relentlessly touring all across America, playing all manner of clubs, venues, and festivals. 

Wherever they go, JMB features the songs of singer/songwriter/pianist Jackie Myers. Jackie’s creative talent is showcased on the band’s two cd’s: Count to Three, released in 2010, and Ten Foot Twins, released in 2012. Count to Three shows a blossoming talent exploring musical boundaries. This is on display in, among others, Clueless and Penniless, an emotionally riveting portrayal of love gone awry, as well as the irreverent and tempo-jumping Jimmie B. 'Ten Foot Twins' shows the evolution of a songwriter and a band committed to refining their art. Jackie Myers shows off her vocal prowess and piano-playing chops on All for You. She explores moods from love to indifference to human compassion in Love Song, Not Now, and the socially-conscious Left Behind. Instrumentation on both cd’s includes the best from Austin’s rich musical community including, on Ten Foot Twins, guitarist Mike Brinley and the nationally-renowned trumpeter Ephraim Owens, who has played with Mumford & Sons, Sheryl Crow, and Austin-based Black Red Black. 
The band is working on a third cd that will feature more original scores from Jackie Myers. 


My initial reaction to the recording was that in some ways its Michelle Shocked meets Amy Winehouse. And several listens later, I'd say the same thing with more emphasis on Winehouse. I'd also mix in smooth R&B and fine jazz stylings, old school soul and funk, hip keyboard play, and there's great horn work punctuating and soloing, too. And all of this carried along by the vocals of Jackie Myers herself. Add this recording to your collection, and catch these guys/gal next time they come through. [(http://www.lohud.com/article/DG/20130815/ACADIANA01/308150002/Dominick-Cross-We-re-middle-Treble-Clef-Trifecta?nclick_check=1) ]
- - Domick Cross, Publisher at boxieroad.com and Entertainment Reporter at The Daily Advertiser
The album moves wonderfully through the songs giving the listeners tastes of several emotions and keeping their attention captivated. The way it was recorded and mixed makes you feel as though you are the only one in a private, velvety lounge enjoying a personal performance. Jackie is a very honest and provoking artist with much that matters to tell.
- - Producer David Marshall of Fast Horse Studios
- - Local Austin radio station DJ Patrick Dennis
A beat at once driving and slippery moves effortlessly behind the whiskey soaked vocals of Ms. Jackie Myers herself.
- - Momo’s club patron